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Keep abreast of innovative ideas in health ministry and faith community/parish nursing. Read what researchers are discovering about best practices and outcomes of health ministry. Also check out the regular column, "Nursing in the Church" in each journal issue.

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Promoting Compliance When Faith Gets in the Way

Haynes, Barbara Lodge

Journal of Christian Nursing . 34(2):112-119, April/June 2017.

Sixty-six percent of U.S. Christians report they believe God can heal supernaturally, 68% have prayed for someone to be healed supernaturally by God, and 27% state they have experienced a miraculous physical healing. Christians who hold such beliefs may struggle with seeking and adhering to a prescribed healthcare regimen, as well as experience shame. A health education seminar assisting congregants to view healthcare as compatible with faith was implemented and evaluated in a Christian faith community.

Preparing Health Professions Volunteers to Serve Globally

Carey, Rebekah E.; Carter-Templeton, Heather; Paltzer, Jason

Journal of Christian Nursing . 32(4):242-249, October/December 2015.

Expand your global health knowledge and learn about a program designed to improve competencies needed for team collaboration.

Faith Community Nurses & Brown Bag Events Help Older Adults Manage Meds

Shillam, Casey R.; Orton, Valorie J.; Waring, Debbie; More

Journal of Christian Nursing . 30(2):90-96, April/June 2013.

Brown Bag Medication Review (BBMR) events, traditionally offered by pharmacists, improve medication safety and adherence. This study hypothesized that incorporating faith community nurses (FCNs) into BBMR and follow up would improve medication self-care in older adults. FCNs can learn about BBMR and how to conduct an event.

Training Lay Volunteers to Promote Health in Central-City African American Churches

Ellis, Julie L.; Morzinski, Jeffrey A.

Journal of Christian Nursing . 30(2):112-116, April/June 2013.

The Elder Community Health Upholder (ECHU) project addressed health needs of older African Americans in medically underserved areas of Milwaukee. Discover how professionals and lay volunteers started health initiatives in nine churches.

Spread the Word, Not the Germs: A Toolkit for Faith Communities

Reilly, Janet Resop; Hovarter, Rebecca; Mrochek, Tracy; More

Journal of Christian Nursing . 28(4):205-211, October/December 2011.

How can churches help prevent the spread of infection? Discover and download the Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for the Faith Community.

Faith Community Nurses: Protecting Our Elders Through Immunizations

Pappas-Rogich, Maria

Journal of Christian Nursing . 29(4):232-237, October/December 2012.

Older adults account for 65% of hospitalizations and 90% of flu deaths annually in the U.S. What can nurses and faith communities do to improve suboptimal immunization rates and protect the elderly?The CE test for this article is available only online at

Using Community-Based Participatory Research in Parish Nursing: A Win-Win Situation!

Maitlen, Lynn A.; Bockstahler, Amie M.; Belcher, Anne E.

Journal of Christian Nursing . 29(4):222-227, October/December 2012.

University graduate students partnered with a large urban Hospital Parish Nurse Program for a CBPR project that helped everyone win! Data were used to write grant proposals and expand services to impact high obesity rates in the community.

Defy Diabetes! Impact on Faith Community/Parish Nurses Teaching Healthy Living Classes

Sheehan, Angela; Austin, Sandra A.; Brennan-Jordan, Nancy; More

Journal of Christian Nursing . 30(4):244-247, October/December 2013.

Defy Diabetes! partnered Certified Diabetes Educators and Faith Community Nurses, impacting health and the FCNs!

Defy Diabetes! A Unique Partnership With Faith Community/Parish Nurses to Impact Diabetes

Austin, Sandra; Brennan-Jordan, Nancy; Frenn, Debra; More

Journal of Christian Nursing . 30(4):238-243, October/December 2013.

Using the Chronic Care Model, Defy Diabetes! demonstrates unique partnerships for impacting community health.

Creating a Culture for Evidence-Based Practice in the Faith Community

Lashley, Mary

Journal of Christian Nursing . 30(3):158-163, July/September 2013.

There is little research that addresses the impact of faith community nursing (FCN) on health outcomes or evaluates FCN programs. How can FCNs bring research into the faith community and build evidence-based practice?The CE test for this article is available only online at

Free Health Clinic Links College, Church, and Community

Carey, Rebekah Albrecht; Fricke, Jonathan

Journal of Christian Nursing . 28(2):88-91, April/June 2011.

Granville Neighborhood Health Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers free healthcare services to the uninsured and a clinical site for nursing and other students at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Are Parish Nurses Prepared to Incorporate the Spiritual Dimension Into Practice?

Newbanks, Shirlene; Rieg, Linda S.

Journal of Christian Nursing . 28(3):146-151, July/September 2011.

These researchers asked if parish nurse (PN) basic preparation courses prepare PNs to offer spiritual care. Participants said yes and no, offering suggestions for improving basic prep courses.

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