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Fostering Serenity in Nursing: Creating a Concept by Amy Schaeffer. How can we help patients build serenity after serious illness and near-death experiences?

CE: Potential Pitfalls of Short-Term Medical Missions by Janice Hawkins. By minimizing pitfalls, short-term medical missions can provide needed services with a positive impact.

Responding to God's Call by Pamala K. McCarver. Nurses are so busy it's hard to find time outside of work to serve others. Discover what this nurse learned about hearing God.

Faith, Beliefs, and “Not Claiming” Disease: An African American Woman's Story of Diabetes and Coronary Symptoms by Carolyn McKenzie and Anne H. Skelly. Learn about caring for AA's with diabetes and don't miss "Caring Suggestions to Help Patients With Challenges of Diabetes Self-Management. 

Does Religious Adherence Help Diabetic Patients Well-Being? by Doug O. Dehning, Lindsay A. Nelson, Jeanette A. Stewart, and William C. Stewart. These authors discovered that Christian spirituality can be a positive coping mechanism for their patients.

Journey to Wholeness by Kathleen M. Wright. Nurses can be channels of God's grace in the most impossible situations.

Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts by Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Sonya Grypma, and Landa Terblanche. Christian nursing scholars can and should play a key role in leading critical discussions of the role of religion and ethics in pluralistic healthcare contexts!

Peggy's Prayer by Kathleen M. Wright
A visiting home health nurse shares the intimacy and privilege of caring for a woman dying of cancer and for her family.

Code Blue: An Emergency Call for Christ by Laura Kennedy
A nursing student raises the question of considering spiritual needs, especially critical needs, on the same emergency level as a physical “code blue” situation.

Mrs. Bessie, RN: A Life in Service to God by Leigh Ann Chandler Poole
Read a heart-warming tribute to Bessie Chandler, a nurse who touched many lives throughout her 45-year career.

Providing Spiritual Support to Students by Debra Masterson
Research suggests that focusing on spirituality in the classroom can lead to higher student satisfaction.


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Going Deeper July/September 2014 31:3

The Growing Global Pertussis problem by Peake and McGuire, pp. 152-158.
1. What are some reasons the author suggests for the growing problem of
2. Skim through Leviticus 13--15. How did God instruct the Israelites about infection
    control and disease? What does the Center for Disease Control (DCC) recommend for
    treatment of those in close proximity to the one with pertussis illness regardless of age
    or vaccination status?
3. Describe various ways nurses can help educate about pertussis.
4. Take time to familiarize yourself with the vaccine recommendations as noted in Table 2. Share the
    vaccine schedule and recommendations with a colleague or friend.

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JCN offers a variety of supplemental documents, PowerPoint presentations, and videos that enhance articles. Below find a complete list of available supplemental digital content (SDC).

Demographic Data and Survey Questionnaire from Religiosity and Parental Acceptance of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in 9–18 Year-Old Girls by Diane Reynolds.

Provision for a HopeFULL Journey from Christian Nsg 101 When Hope is Lost Part 1 by Carrie Dameron. 

How Educators at LLUSON Teach Spiritual Care from Teaching Spiritual Care to Nursing Students: An Integrated Model by Elizabeth Johnston Taylor, Nancy Testerman, and Dynnette Hart.

Examples / Application of the Logic Model from Faith Community/Parish Nurse Literature: Exciting Interventions, Unclear Outcomes by Robyn Dandridge.

Descriptive Data from Health Report for U.S. Seminary Schools: Are We Training Healthy Clergy? by Melissa Bopp and Meghan Baruth.

 Example of a Personal Psalm of Lament from How Do Adolescents Develop Faith and How Can Nurses/Nurse Practitioners Help? by Janice M. Haley.

 Watch a Video Abstract and meet author Jenna Olson from Elder Abuse: Speak Out for Justice by Jenna M. Olson and Barbara A. Hoglund.

 Conventional and Religious Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Sessions from Depression in Chronic Illness: Does Religion Help? by Harold G. Koenig.

CAM Therapies Used for Health and for Cancer from Complementary and Alternative Therapy Use in Breast Cancer: Notable Findings by Camille Lamb Eckerd.

How Does God Guide Christians Through the Holy Spirit? A Bible study for Spirit-Guided Care: Christian Nursing for the Whole Person by Lynn S. Murphy and Mark S. Walker.

Sample images and comments from students and Author podcast from Picture This! Using Photovoice to Facilitate Cultural Competence in Students by Shelby Garner.

Nurses Christian Fellowship Int'l Quadriennial Conference 2012, Santiago, Chili. 
Brochure, Session Abstracts, Photographs. From NCFI: Partners in Care by Barb White.                                                                                                        

Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness Toolkit for the Faith Community (224 pages!) from Spread the Word, Not the Germs by Janet Resop Reilly, et al.

Conference proceedings and abstracts for the May 2012 Faith & Nursing Symposium at Trinity Western University, Langley, BC, Canada from Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts (open access) by Sheryl Reimer Kirkham, Sonya Grypma, and
Landa Terblanche.

Additional Resources for Dealing with Bullying from Bullying in Nursing: Roots, Rationales, and Remedies by Mary Pat Szutenbach.

  5 Languages of Appreciation at Work Bible Study Supplement from
  Unhappy? Low Morale? Try the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace
  by Paul E.White.

  Meet author Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu from Perceptions of the Character of
  God as Narrated by East African Women Living with HIV by Lucy Mkandawire-
  Valhmu, Peninnah M. Kako, and Jennifer W. Kibicho.

  Participant artwork and conversations from Faith-Based Cognitive 
  Behavioral Therapy: Easing Depression in the Elderly with Cognitive Decline by Dagmar M. Ceramidas.

Spiritual Care Course and Practicum Syllabi in From Burden to Spiritual Growth: Koren Students' Experience in a Spiritual Care Practicum by Woi Sook So and Hye Sook Shin

Case Study in Reflective Practice: Medication Error from Reflective Practice for Personal and Professional Transformation by Nancy A. Kofed

Resources and referral sources for victims of IPV from Feeling Shame: Insights on Intimate Partner Violence, a CE article by Marjan Zarif

Glimpse life in Haiti and at the FSIL School of Nursing in this slide show from Positioned for Impact: Haiti's 1st Baccalaureate Nursing Program by Jeanne Burger

Meet Granger Westberg (1911-1999), founder of parish nursing, in this DVD clip courtesy of the International Parish Nurse Resource Center.

Jill Learns About Nurses Around the Town sample pages from the children’s storybook by Cynthia M. Thomas in Promoting Nursing Careers Using a Storybook for Children

Biblical Framework Counseling Model from Mind, Medications, and Mental Disorders: A Spiritual Approach by Valerie Oji

Images of active Necrotizing Fasciitis and post-infection recovery from Surviving Life-Threatening Illness: Keys to Optimal Nursing Care by Sandra Moorman.