July/September 2014 - Volume 31 - Issue 3
pp: 141-202,E1-E8

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SPECIAL FAQS in Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care in a Crisis: What Is Enough?

Fraley, Hannah; Theissen, Elmer J.; Jiwanlal, Shiloh

Journal of Christian Nursing . 31(3):161-165, July/September 2014.

It's hard to know how to care spiritually for patients in crisis. A nurse shares her thoughts after caring for a mother who committed suicide after perinatal loss; a philosopher and mental health nurse specialist respond.


Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Well-Being: Implications for Spiritual Care

Beauvais, Audrey M.; Stewart, Julie G.; DeNisco, Susan

Journal of Christian Nursing . 31(3):166-171, July/September 2014.

Discover connections between emotional intelligence and spiritual well-being that have implications for nursing education and improving spiritual care practice.

Religiosity and Parental Acceptance of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine in 9–18 Year-Old Girls

Reynolds, Diane

Journal of Christian Nursing . 31(3):172-177, July/September 2014.

HPV vaccination prevents infection that leads to cervical cancer, but has been associated with promoting sexual activity. Does religion impact decision to vaccinate? Learn about HPV and helpful ways to educate families.

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Faith Community Nursing: Real Care, Real Cost Savings

Yeaworth, Rosalee C.; Sailors, Ronnette

Journal of Christian Nursing . 31(3):178-183, July/September 2014.

Healthcare costs and access to care are huge concerns today. How can church health ministries document services and demonstrate financial savings?The CE test for this article is available only online at NursingCenter.com/CE/CNJ

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