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Domestic Violence and the Role of the Parish Nurse

Routson, Janet L.; Hinton, Sharon T.

Journal of Christian Nursing:
doi: 10.1097/CNJ.0b013e3181f0c141
Feature: parish nursing

Abstract: Domestic violence is physical, sexual, or psychological violence within intimate relationships. The identification of victims—adults, children, elders, males, or females—is problematic. Parish nurses are in an ideal position to identify and help those experiencing domestic violence. The Initial Domestic Violence Assessment Guideline (© 2010 J. Routson) provides parameters for the parish nurse to gather data and design helpful interventions.

In Brief

Parish nurses are in an ideal position to help those experiencing violence in intimate relationships.

Author Information

Janet L. Routson FNP-BC, RN, retired Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Navy Nurse Corp, is parish nurse for Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Amarillo, Texas. She has worked with domestic violence patients throughout her career.

Sharon T. Hinton MSN, RN, is an educator with the International Parish Nurse Resource Center, parish nurse consultant UMCOR-Health United Methodist Church, Faith Community Nurse Board Chair Health Ministries Association, executive director of Rural Nurse Resource, Inc., and volunteers with Victim Relief Ministries.

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