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Treating Women Who Are Pregnant and Parenting for Opioid Use Disorder and the Concurrent Care of Their Infants and Children: Literature Review to Support National Guidance

Klaman, Stacey L.; Isaacs, Krystyna; Leopold, Anne; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 11(3):178-190, May/June 2017.

Brief Opioid Overdose Knowledge (BOOK): A Questionnaire to Assess Overdose Knowledge in Individuals Who Use Illicit or Prescribed Opioids

Dunn, Kelly E.; Barrett, Frederick S.; Yepez-Laubach, Claudia; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 10(5):314-323, September/October 2016.

Ondansetron Does Not Reduce Withdrawal in Patients With Physical Dependence on Chronic Opioid Therapy

Chu, Larry F.; Sun, John; Clemenson, Anna; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 11(5):342-349, September/October 2017.

Possible Evidence for Re-regulation of HPA Axis and Brain Reward Systems Over Time in Treatment in Prescription Opioid-Dependent Patients

Bunce, Scott C.; Harris, Jonathan D.; Bixler, Edward O.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 9(1):53-60, January/February 2015.

Evaluating the Effectiveness of First-Time Methadone Maintenance Therapy Across Northern, Rural, and Urban Regions of Ontario, Canada

Eibl, Joseph K.; Gomes, Tara; Martins, Diana; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 9(6):440-446, November/December 2015.

Reward-related Brain Response and Craving Correlates of Marijuana Cue Exposure: A Preliminary Study in Treatment-seeking Marijuana-dependent Subjects

Goldman, Marina; Szucs-Reed, Regina P.; Jagannathan, Kanchana; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 7(1):8-16, January/February 2013.

Cigarette Smokers are Less Likely to Have Undetectable Viral Loads: Results From Four HIV Clinics

Cropsey, Karen L.; Willig, James H.; Mugavero, Michael J.; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine. 10(1):13-19, February 2016.

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