January/February 2013 - Volume 7 - Issue 1
pp: 1-86
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Reward-related Brain Response and Craving Correlates of Marijuana Cue Exposure: A Preliminary Study in Treatment-seeking Marijuana-dependent Subjects

Goldman, Marina; Szucs-Reed, Regina P.; Jagannathan, Kanchana; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine . 7(1):8-16, January/February 2013.

Epidemiology, Clinical Data, and Treatment of Viral Hepatitis in a Large Cohort of Intravenous Drug Users

Gigi, Eleni; Sinakos, Emmanouil; Sykja, Albana; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine . 7(1):52-57, January/February 2013.

Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of Middle-aged Versus Younger Adults Enrolled in a Clinical Trial of a Web-delivered Psychosocial Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

Kalapatapu, Raj K.; Campbell, Aimee; Aharonovich, Efrat; More

Journal of Addiction Medicine . 7(1):66-72, January/February 2013.