November 2017 - Volume 31 - Issue 11

  • Roy W. Sanders, MD

  • 0890-5339
  • 1531-2291
  • 12 issues / year
  • Orthopedics 22/76, Sports Sciences 22/81
  • 2.251
The management of critical sized segmental tibial defects remains one of the most challenging conditions for the orthopaedic trauma surgeon. Read this special issue which includes topics on acute debridement of open tibial fractures, preoperative optimization of patients undergoing segmental tibial reconstructions, various surgical technique using different reconstruction treatment concepts and original research on factors that may predict failure of nonunion treatment.
Published October 2017
Other Supplements
September 2017 - Volume 31 - Supplement 4

Read this focus issue designed to highlight controversial topics in spine surgery including the appropriate classification of injuries; the need for better outcome metrics in spine trauma; the need for surgery in thoracolumbar burst fractures; the management of geriatric odontoid fractures; the treatment of osteoporotic spine fractures; the management of the stiff spine; the value of surgery on neurologic impairment in the setting of a sacral fracture; and the treatment of hangman fractures. This focus issue should help guide surgeons such that they can offer their patients the most evidence-based treatment recommendations. Publication by AOSpine Knowledge Forum Trauma

Published September 2017

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