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Barry, Jean PhD, RN

Journal of Nursing Administration:
doi: 10.1097/01.NNA.0000323971.90533.9a
Departments: Letter to the Editor

    Thank you for clarifying your interpretation of the Ohio law regarding the use of the title doctor. I think what is important is understanding how various state laws should be interpreted regarding any restrictions on the use of the term "doctor" when different types of providers practice in the clinical setting. Because I am not an attorney either, I will not comment on the legalities other than to point out that, in some states, there are restrictions. I will leave it up to the attorneys and our various state agencies to fulfill this legal function. As more DNP-prepared nurses enter practice, I am sure that much will be learned.

    Jean Barry, PhD, RN

    Associate Professor of Nursing

    Kirkhof College of Nursing

    Grand Valley State University

    Grand Rapids, Michigan


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