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Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine:
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This Issue: Articles of Interest for Clinicians

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A Return-on-Investment Simulation Model of Workplace Obesity Interventions

To allow employers to make more informed decisions concerning the net benefits of select obesity interventions, we developed a toolkit that quantifies the costs and benefits of weight-based interventions. This article presents a simulation model used to calculate return-on-investment for workplace obesity interventions.

Pg 751 (Trogdon)

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The Effect of Worksite Physical Activity Intervention on Physical Capacity, Health, and Productivity: A 1-Year Randomized Controlled Trial

One year worksite interventions (∼1 hr/wk) with specific strength training or all round physical exercise significantly reduced both systolic blood pressure (∼6 mm Hg), body fat percent (∼2.2%) and duration of pain in low back and shoulder (∼5 to 6 d/3 mo) compared with a reference intervention without physical activity.

Pg 759 (Pedersen)

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The Association Between Changes in Metabolic Syndrome and Changes in Cost in a Workplace Population

Changes in metabolic syndrome risks over time are associated with economic outcomes in this workplace population. If organizations are successful in encouraging high risk individuals to reduce their risks while also helping low risk employees remain low risk, they will improve the health and vitality of employees while also improving cost and productivity outcomes.

Pg 771 (Schultz)

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The Association Between Asthma Control and Health Care Utilization, Work Productivity Loss, and Health-Related Quality of Life

Despite the availability of therapies to increase asthma control, a significant proportion of sufferers remain uncontrolled. Findings of this study indicate that asthma control is significantly associated with patient outcomes. The appropriate use of therapies that maximize asthma control would create benefits for patients, providers, and payers.

Pg 780 (Williams)

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How Accurate are Self-Reports? Analysis of Self-Reported Health Care Utilization and Absence When Compared With Administrative Data

Employers, health plans, state governments, and researchers those use self-reported measures of health care utilization and absenteeism through an HRA should be cautious when monetizing self-reported data. Self-reported rare occurrences of health care use and monthly recall of absences are most accurate and can be used to evaluate economic impacts.

Pg 786 (Short)

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Impact of Workplace Sociocultural Attributes on Participation in Health Assessments

Overall participation rates in employee population health assessments can disguise large variation in employee engagement by job type and workgroup. This variation is associated with reported work sociocultural attributes. Attention to these attributes may be essential to improving involvement in employer sponsored health promotion.

Pg 797 (McLellan)

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Further Exploration of the Links Between Occupational Exposure and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Delineating the relative contributions of cigarette smoking, which is by far the dominant risk factor in COPD, and occupational exposure is important for improved prevention efforts, clinical diagnosis, management, and, from a societal point of view, attribution of cause and apportionment of the costs of preventing and treating illness.

Pg 804 (Blanc)

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Influence of Some Detoxification Enzyme Polymorphisms on Cytogenetic Biomarkers Between Individuals Exposed to Very Low Doses of 1,3-Butadiene

Our study documented an interaction between variants in a biotransformation enzyme and the use of tobacco smoking that results in an increase in genotoxicity. Namely, we underline the necessity of the need to monitor certain individuals with potential genetic sensitivity to tobacco smoke for increased, adverse health effects.

Pg 811 (Bukvic)

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A Review and Analysis of the Clinical and Cost Effectiveness Studies of Comprehensive Health Promotion and Disease Management Programs at the Worksite

Clinical and cost outcomes form the basis of improved decision making.

Pg 822 (Pelletier)

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