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Small Employers Occupational Medicine: Opportunities, Obligations, and Options

Caughron, Samuel D. MD

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Presenting Author: Samuel D. Caughron, MD; Vice President of Medical Services; Charlottesville Wellness Center; Charlottesville, VA

Small employers are largely under-served by occupational physicians, yet "occupational medicine is unique because of its focus on restoration of the patient's present and future functional capacity as much as on medical diagnosis and treatment" (R. Blum, MD). Understanding regulatory obligations for the small employer and offering a useful menu of options to enhance their business/employees requires skills in medicine, legal issues, and personnel management. This presentation will investigate the occupational medicine framework as it relates to the small employer, with examples of programs offered to clients.

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AOHC Scientific Session Abstracts Orlando, FL- May 9-16, 1997

Scientific Session #137

Marketing Occupational to Small Employers

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