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Industrial Grenz Ray Overexposure: Report of a Case.

Laur, William E. M.D.; Posey, Randal E. M.D.; Waller, Jack D. M.D.
Journal of Occupational Medicine:
Case Report: PDF Only

A case of accidental industrial exposure to a single large dose of ultrasoft (Grenz) x-rays is reported. Certain inferences can be made by estimating average skin target dosage, average kilovoltage, milliamperage and duration of exposure. From these data the quality and skin depth dosage of the ray can be tentatively estimated. Comparison of these figures with known biological phenomena such as immediate x-ray burn reaction, late cutaneous sequelae and temporary epilation permits a reasonable estimate of probable skin surface dosage and prognosis.

(C)1978 The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine