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From the Editor

It is an exciting time to be involved in nursing professional development (NPD).  As the summer heats up, so does the demand for our expertise and services.  A new fiscal year brings budget decisions to bear, and NPD educators are called upon to be more creative and strategic than ever.  They are busy doing good and important work, and fortunately many have shared their successes and findings with us.  The newest issue of JNPD, July/August 2015, is full of timely information from your peers and colleagues.

The issue starts with the editorial highlighting Open Access, a publishing issue directly or indirectly affecting all readers and authors; and it ends with our inaugural “From the Front Lines to the Back Page” feature from Kristy Gorman.  We hope you are inspired to submit your own project success stories after reading how one team completely redesigned orientation!  

Between the cover pages, you’ll find even more.  The Administration, Simulation, Nurse Residency, ANPD Update, and Ask the Expert columns provide excellent insights from their authors.  Mary Holtschneider and a guest author highlight interprofessional simulation, Jim Hansen contributes Part 2 of results from the NSCBN study on Transition to Practice (TTP), Joyce Johnson discusses how “73 is the new 65”, and Chris Wilson spotlights the ANPD affiliate groups.

This issue’s CE feature by Bernhofer focuses on the “how tos” of reviewing the literature, a skill every NPD practitioner needs!  Dickerson and Chappell provide a great piece about content integrity, conflict of interest, and commercial support related to quality continuing education programs. Two other pieces address specific patient populations. Purvis et al. describe how they developed competencies specific for the care of geriatric patients, and Roussel highlights nurses’ knowledge of heart failure. 

Vacation and travel season is in full swing, and so are the hardworking NPD practitioners.  We hope you take some time to enjoy yourself along the way, and do remember to include the new issue of JNPD on your packing list.  Happy reading!

Susan L. Bindon, DNP, RN-BC, CNE

Kari L. Schmidt, MS, RN-BC, ACC

Co-Editors, JNPD


 Announcing a NEW JNPD FEATURE and Call for Items!

We want to hear from you!  We know that you and your team are doing great work and are making a difference.  Let us spread the news by sharing your accomplishments in our new JNPD feature debuting this summer, From the Front Lines to the Back Page

We are looking for concise, data and/or evidence-based reports of your NPD projects or initiatives.  Our intention is to get practical, useful ideas to readers and share what you are currently doing and learning.  The goal of these pieces is to use the collective skills and wisdom of NPD educators to inspire, guide, and connect with others who face similar challenges.

If you are interested in contributing, please consider a 4-5 paragraph piece describing the:

• challenge you faced
• decisions that were made
• resources needed
• outcomes identified
• key stakeholders included
• results of your work
• risks, facilitators or obstacles encountered along the way

Items may be submitted via Editorial Manager, please see our author's guidelines for further information Please contact us at or with questions.

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Coming Soon!

This section lists articles that will be published in upcoming issue of JNPD, May/June 2015.  Note also those included under the Published Ahead of Print Tab.

New Graduate Nurses, New Graduate Nurse Transition Programs, and Clinical Leadership Skill:  A Systematic Review (CE Feature)

Exploring Problems Encountered Among Experienced Nurses Using Critical Reflective Inquiry:  Implications for Nursing Professional Development

The Dedicated Education Unit Experience:  What's in it for Professional Develpment Nurses?

The Effects of Pre-licensure Extern Program and Nurse Residency Proram on New Graduate Outcomes and Retention

Factors Related to Nurse Comfort when Caring for Families Experiencing Perinatal Loss:  Evidence for Bereavement Program Enhancement

How Mental Health Nurses Improve Their Critical Thining Throught Problem-based Learning.

Utilization of Electronic Modified Early Warning Scores to Engage Rapid Rsponse Team Early in Cinical Deterioration

Evaluating Preceptors:  A Methodological Study (Published Ahead-of-Print)