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Implementation Science/Knowledge Translation in Neurologic Physical Therapy

The neurologic physical therapy/neurorehabilitation literature is filled with examples of promising research results that have yet to be applied in clinical practice on a broad scale.  Knowledge translation research/implementation science examines ways to improve the integration of research knowledge.  Translation research seeks to address common blocks in moving from ‘bench to bedside’ and ‘research to practice’ and forms a vital link in the chain to better health.  All types of translational articles are invited, including:

  • T1*: translation of results of basic science research to wellness and prevention, diagnosis, or treatment.
  • T2*: translation of results of clinical research to actual clinical practice including issues of access, coordination of care, decision-making, and clinician or client behavior change.
  • Relevant T3* and T4* are also welcomed.

Please note:  this is a competitive call for papers.  JNPT receives more submissions than can be published and it will likely not be possible to publish all manuscripts submitted in response to this call.  Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the Special Issue Editors: Vanessa Noonan ( or Jennifer Moore ( regarding their submission.  First drafts will be due June 1, 2015 with electronic publication (ePub)/Medline indexing following acceptance, and target JNPT print publication date of January, 2016.

*for more information see:  Woolf SH.  The meaning of translational research and why it matters. JAMA. 2008;299:211-13.


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