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Management of Complex Neurologic Disorders in Neurologic Physical Therapy

It is the patient with a rare or complex disorder that often prompts a physical therapist to turn to the literature for guidance. Regrettably, the design of larger clinical trials often excludes those with rare disorders or complex presentation. For these reasons, the investigation of these clinical populations and dissemination of the findings represents a valuable contribution to the literature, serving as a reference point for the physical therapist. This special issue recognizes the important role of evidence in the management of complex or rare neurologic disorders.

We are seeking manuscripts on topics related to complex and rare neurological conditions relevant to neurologic physical therapy. Well-designed studies utilizing single subject design, small sample sizes, and case reports are welcomed.

Please note:  this is a competitive call for papers.  JNPT receives more submissions than can be published and it will likely not be possible to publish all manuscripts submitted in response to this call.  Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the Special Issue Editors: Teresa Jacobson Kimberley ( or Michael Schubert ( regarding their submission.  First drafts will be due June 1, 2016 with electronic publication (ePub)/Medline indexing following acceptance, and target JNPT print publication date of January, 2017.


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