Neurology Section Election Results

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy:
doi: 10.1097/NPT.0b013e3181b53a9f
Section News & Notes

    The following candidates were elected to the positions listed below with terms beginning June 2009:

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    Neurology Section Executive Committee

    Vice President: Sue Perry

    Director of Communications: Robert Wellmon

    Director of Education: Karen McCulloch

    Director of Research: Teresa Jacobson Kimberly

    Nominating Committee: Sandra Billinger

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    Special Interest Groups
    Balance and Falls

    Vice Chair: Melissa Fong

    Secretary: Cecelia Griffith

    Nominating Committee: Renee Hakim

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    Brain Injury

    Secretary: Lynnette Leuty

    Nominating Committee: Sara Trout

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    Degenerative Diseases

    Secretary: Evan Cohen

    Nominating Committee: Deb Kegelmeyer

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    Spinal Cord Injury

    Secretary: Joy Bruce

    Nominating Committee: Heather Henderson,

    Kristina Beekhuizen

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    Secretary: Ann Medley

    Nominating Committee: Maureen Whitford,

    Maura Ament

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    Secretary: Michelle Gutierrez

    Nominating Committee: Becky Olson-Kellogg

    Congratulations to all newly elected individuals!

    Your Neurology Section Nominating Commitee,

    Terry Ellis, Lee Dibble, and Beth Rasche

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