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Nine Great Years: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Deutsch, Judith E. PT, PhD

Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy: December 2008 - Volume 32 - Issue 4 - pp 153-154
doi: 10.1097/NPT.0b013e3181903795
Editor's Note

It could have been a bit daunting to write my final editorial, but it really wasn't. It was a good opportunity to look back. I emptied my shelves of the 36 issues (the 37th was in press) that we published and read through the previous editorials. I learned that my tone has most often been informal (no surprise there) and that several themes have recurred over the years. I used the editorial privilege to talk about clinical reasoning,1 standardizing practice and outcome assessment,2,3 enabling our clients,4 and translating knowledge from science to practice.5,6 I have as well championed the Journal's use of innovative technology7,8 and an international perspective.9–11 In my nine years as editor, we built a team and worked together to mentor new authors as we reflected and influenced the development of neurologic physical therapy. Our goal was to be accessible to the many groups that form the neurologic physical therapy community.

There are specific new accomplishments to point to:

1. Formation of the editorial board (2001)12

2. Changing our name from Neurology Report to Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy (JNPT) (2003)13

3. Indexing in MEDLINE (2005)14,15

4. Getting a spine (2006)

5. Being online (2006)

6. Transitioning to a new publisher and getting a new cover (2007)16

7. Podcasts of article abstracts and journal clubs (the first physical therapy journal to have theses) (2007)

8. Online submissions and reviews (2007)

9. First JNPT strategic plan (2007)17

10. New features: technology column (2007), Clinical Point of View (2008)

11. The offer to the official journal of the International Neuroscience Physiotherapy Association (2008)

as well as continuing the tradition of publishing special topic issues:

1. Quality of Life (2000)

2. Complementary Therapies (2001)

3. Technology and Neurologic Physical Therapy (2002)

4. Neurodegenerative Diseases: Spanning the Continuum of Care (2002)

5. Pharmacology (2003)

6. Promoting Optimal Function After Spinal Cord Injury (2005)

7. III Step (2006)

8. Cognition and Neurologic Physical Therapy (2007)

9. Systematic Reviews (planned for 2008, coming in 2009)

Accomplishments aside, the privilege of being a journal editor has afforded me the opportunity to work with remarkable and caring people in both the Neurology Section and the Journal. These include, but are not limited to, my immediate predecessor and section president Lisa Riolo; the other section presidents Sue Whitney and Kathy Sullivan; the past and current members of the editorial board: James Gordon, Margaret Schenkman, Susan Herdman, Kathy Gill Body, Pat Pohl, Edee Field Fote, Jim Cavanaugh, Richard Clendaniel, Mark Rogers, Lara Boyd, and Lee Dibble; our advisory board: Becky Craik, Carole Richards, and the almost 200 reviewers and dozens of authors. I have learned a lot about publishing, good writing, and clear thinking. I have also had an outlet for creativity and innovation.

Writing the final editorial was also a good opportunity to look forward. The Journal is in good hands. We have a good strategic plan and strong editorial board and our soon to be new editor Edelle Field Fote is extremely qualified for the position (which is more than could have been said about her predecessor). There is much to look forward to as the Journal continues to grow. For example, work is underway to obtain an impact factor. For me, one of the most exciting developments that will continue to unfold is the possibility of JNPT becoming the official journal of the International Neuroscience Physiotherapy Association currently being formed. I step down after nine very good years, looking back with great satisfaction and forward with excitement.

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