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Summer is here .. not quite the dog days yet but warm, humid and a great time to consider writing or reviewing for JNN. We are always looking for new authors (a first-time author is eligible for a writing award presented annually during the AANN conference) and for individuals willing to review manuscripts. Reviewing is a way to share your expertise with peers. This website includes a brief educational presentation on reviewing that might spark your interest. We also include a tutorial for new reviewers on the Editorial Manager site. If interested, just contact me via email.
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News you can use .... Concussions have become big business! The July 5th edition of The New York Times included a lengthy exploration of concussion-related treatment options. This growing industry is trying to find ways to detect, prevent and treat head injuries, including those related to falls, motor vehicle accidents and sports. Entrepreneurs, academic institutions and physicians are "testing" hyperbaric oxygen chambers, mouth guards and helmets with built-in sensors, stronger helmets. The jury is still out on the actual effectiveness of these interventions. Stay tuned, but be skeptical until we as neuronurses see some tangible proof. California legislators passed a law in early July that will result in the vaccination of almost all school children in that state. This comes after the measles outbreak that started there and on the heels of additional evidence that vaccines are not related to the development of autism. This law will likely not end the debate but should protect children from diseases that can radically change their neurologic health. And, if you missed it, the ACA survived the latest legal challenge in the Supreme Court.