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Summer is truly upon us ... hot, muggy, many flying critters. This is, however, a great time to catch up on the JNN articles you may have missed or to put together your personal collection of articles for future reference. For those readers planning to sit for the CNRN or the SCRN exam, JNN provides a wealth of study materials about neuroscience nursing care. Our July/August issue will print very soon and includes several stoke-related articles as well as others that address mental health concerns in neuro patients and care of patients with MS, RLS, and SAH. In mid-July, JNN will launch an "Editorial Internship" program. This program will link 1 or 2 individuals with a strong interest in professional writing and/or publishing with mentors from JNN's Editorial Board or with me, the Editor. Watch for details here and on the AANN website.
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A recent Danish study demonstrated an association between SSRI use and an increase in the severity of hemorrhagic, not ischemic, strokes by increasing patients' risk for bleeding. SSRI use in the 90 days before symptom onset increased the likelihood of increased stroke severity and death. http://www.mmedpagetoday.com/Cardiology/Strokes ... Great news!!! The NFL has announced it will provide unlimited financial support for any former player who develops cognitive or other neurologic signs and symptoms related to repetitive head injury and concussion while playing. This announcement followed a Federal court's rejection of the NFL's origial settlement with players and their families. The Commonwealth Foundation release its latest rankings of overall health care (a composite of quality care, access, efficiency, equity, healthy lives and health expenditures per capita). Despite spending more than 10 other "developed nations", the US ranked last. Food for thought. The New York Times recently reported than more than 10,000 American toddlers 2 or 3 years old are being treated with medications for ADHD outside established pediatric guidelines. This practice falls outside guidelines for treatment since hyperactivity and impulsivity are developmentally appropriate for toddlers.