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As we start to "close out" our publishing year, I'd like to remind our readers that we continue to seek feedback on ways in which JNN can best meet your practice, educational and research needs. Feedback can always be sent through the Contact the Editor tab on the Journal's website. We are also working on expanding our manuscript reviewers team -- this is a great way to start a "publishing career." Reviewing manuscripts provides you with a window into the writing and reviewing process; it's also a way to earn CE credit. We also want to encourage first-time authors ... many of you do great work that can be shared with your peers. JNN will provide a writing mentor if requested. The Journal's Editor and Editorial Board will also be available at the 2016 AANN educational conference in New Orleans to provide support and feedback. So, bring along a manuscript.
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In the News
News you can use .... Recent research examined the possibly protective effects of H. Pylori infections in individuals with MS. Women with a past infection tended to have less severe symptoms of MS. Who knew? Medical-Imaging Stewardship in the ACA landscape is emerging as the next front in managing costs and risks to patients. Modeled after the framework for CDC Antimicrobial Stewardship, this is an effort to curb unnecessary imaging and specialist consultation while continuing to make timely diagnostic and disease management decisions. To read more, access the New England Journal of Medicine's October 29th issue. NEJM also recently published a review article re: Cannabinoids in the Treatment of Epilepsy (9/10/15). With the ever-expanding medical marijuana debate, this paper provides a very complete review of perceived benefits of treatment, issues around its use, and human safety concerns. Finally, the New York Times (9/29/15) published a brief look at ADHD and its lifetime effects. Focusing on individuals who are more than 60 years old, the authors point out diagnostic and treatment challenges.