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A Message From the Editor

Here are some highlights from the June 2015 issue:

  • An editorial highlighting measurement of retinal ganglion cell thickness in evaluating the optic nerve and 3 articles  (#1, #2, and #3) using this metric for patient evaluation.
  • A study attempting to correlate clinical findings and temporal artery biopsy results in patients with giant cell arteritis.
  • Creation of a new section “Bench-to-Bedside” featuring an hypothesis as to the basis of cecocentral scotomas (#1) and a discussion of how this hypothesis could be tested in a rigorous clinical trial (#2).
  • Two State-of-the-Art Reviews dealing with changes in orbital anatomy leading to strabismus (#1) and the role of vitamin D as both a contributing factor and a therapeutic agent in demyelinating disease (#2).
  • The Hoyt Lecture summarizes the evolution of techniques assessing the retinal nerve fiber layer and how this technology has impacted our understanding of various optic nerve disorders.
  • Worldwide Neuro-Ophthalmology features activities in our subspecialty in the United Kingdom and Brazil.


Don't miss the latest podcast: Drs. Lueck, Wang and Neely discuss the implications of their research that aims to investigate the mechanism of bitemporal hemianopia by studying the biomechanics of chiasmal compression caused by a pituitary tumour growing below the optic chiasm.


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