July 2011 - Volume 29 - Issue 7
pp: 1243-1467
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Isolated systolic hypertension of young-to-middle-age individuals implies a relatively low risk of developing hypertension needing treatment when central blood pressure is low

Saladini, Francesca; Santonastaso, Massimo; Mos, Lucio; More

Journal of Hypertension . 29(7):1311-1319, July 2011.

Genetic aspects

Pathophysiological aspects

Blood vessels

Persistence of arterial functional abnormalities after successful coronary revascularization

Giannattasio, Cristina; Capra, Anna CM; Calchera, Ivan; More

Journal of Hypertension . 29(7):1374-1379, July 2011.


High salt intake abolishes AT2-mediated vasodilation of pial arterioles in rats

Foulquier, Sébastien; Dupuis, François; Perrin-Sarrado, Caroline; More

Journal of Hypertension . 29(7):1392-1399, July 2011.


Dysregulation of renal transient receptor potential melastatin 6/7 but not paracellin-1 in aldosterone-induced hypertension and kidney damage in a model of hereditary...

Yogi, Alvaro; Callera, Glaucia E; O'Connor, Sarah E; More

Journal of Hypertension . 29(7):1400-1410, July 2011.


Therapeutic aspects