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Effectiveness of chlorthalidone/amiloride versus losartan in patients with stage I hypertension: results from the PREVER-treatment randomized trial

Fuchs, Flávio D.; Scala, Luiz César N.; Vilela-Martin, José F.; More

Journal of Hypertension . 34(4):798-806, April 2016.

Home blood pressure predicts stroke incidence among older adults with impaired physical function: the Ohasama study.

Murakami, Keiko; Asayama, Kei; Satoh, Michihiro; More

Journal of Hypertension ., Post Author Corrections: July 10, 2017

Management of high blood pressure in children and adolescents: recommendations of the European Society of Hypertension

Lurbe, Empar; Cifkova, Renata; Cruickshank, J Kennedy; More

Journal of Hypertension . 27(9):1719-1742, September 2009.

Hypertension in dialysis patients: a consensus document by the European Renal and Cardiovascular Medicine (EURECA-m) working group of the European Renal Association – European...

Sarafidis, Pantelis A.; Persu, Alexandre; Agarwal, Rajiv; More

Journal of Hypertension . 35(4):657-676, April 2017.

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