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About the Journal

The journal consistently attracts the most important and highly innovative papers from the current research; our commitment to rapid publication ensures that these are published in the fastest time possible. In addition to primary papers from world-renowned experts, the Journal contains authoritative reviews that summarize and evaluate the most significant recent developments. Also included are special reports, original short papers containing innovative and time-sensitive information.

Official Journal of the:

Publication & Editorial Staff Contacts

Phil Daly

Production Editor
Patrick Satrjeenpong

Michelle Rothenberg

Translation, Rights & Licensing
Silvia Serra

LWW Business Offices
250 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8RD, UK
Phone: +44-(0)20 7981 0600

International Advertising Representative
Avia Potashnik
Advertising & Sponsorship Manager, Europe
Phone: +44 207 981 0722

Professor Alberto Zanchetti
Editor, Journal of Hypertension
Centro di Fisiologia Clinica e Ipertensione
University of Milan
Ospedale Maggiore
Via F. Sforza 35
20122 Milan, Italy
Phone: +39-02-55184606
Fax: +39-02-50320480