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NEW! ASH and ISH Guidelines on management of hypertension in the community


ESH-ISH 2014

Joint Meeting ESH-ISH, Hypertension, Athens, June 13-16, 2014

Abstracts: Journal of Hypertension Volume 32, Suppl.1: Please note: other than the Index these large files (3.4MB to 5MB) and may take time to load.


ORAL: part I (pp. 1-44) part II (pp. 45-90) part III (pp. 91-133)


part I (pp. 134-186) part II (pp. 187-239)

part III (pp. 240-292); part IV (pp. 293-339)

part V (pp. 340-396); part VI (pp. 397-444); 

part VII (pp. 445-493)part VIII (pp. 494-555)

part IX (pp. 556-615); part X (pp. 616-695)


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