March 2017 - Volume 35 - Issue 3 - Contributor Index

Natali, Andrea

Gamma-glutamyltransferase, fatty liver index and hepatic insulin resistance are associated with incident hypertension in two longitudinal studies

Bonnet, Fabrice; Gastaldelli, Amalia; Pihan-Le bars, Florence; More

Journal of Hypertension . 35(3):493-500, March 2017.

Nawa, Tomohiro
Nazare, Jose

Aortic stiffness and blood pressure variability in young people: a multimodality investigation of central and peripheral vasculature

Boardman, Henry; Lewandowski, Adam J.; Lazdam, Merzaka; More

Journal of Hypertension . 35(3):513-522, March 2017.

Transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 function regulates cardiac hypertrophy via stretch-induced activation

Koch, Sheryl E.; Mann, Adrien; Jones, Shannon; More

Journal of Hypertension . 35(3):602-611, March 2017.