January 2011 - Volume 22 - Issue 1
pp: 1-376
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High α-Defensin and S100A7 Expression and Missing DOC-1 Down-Regulation Characterize Irritation Fibromas of the Oral Cavity and May Counteract Malignant Transformation

Winter, Jochen; Pantelis, Annette; Allam, Jean-Pierre; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery . 22(1):100-104, January 2011.

Oral Rehabilitation With Implantations: Association of Fixed Partial Prosthesis, UCLA System, and EsthetiCone

Goiato, Marcelo Coelho; Pesqueira, Aldiéris Alves; dos Santos, Daniela Micheline; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery . 22(1):155-158, January 2011.

A Rare Association of Tension Pneumocephalus and a Large Frontoethmoidal Osteoma: Imaging Features and Surgical Treatment

Guedes, Bruno de Vasconcelos Sobreira; da Rocha, Antônio José; da Silva, Carlos Jorge; More

Journal of Craniofacial Surgery . 22(1):212-213, January 2011.