Women and Cardiovascular Disease

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Barriers to Cardiac Rehabilitation in Women With Cardiovascular Disease: An Integrative Review

McCarthy, Margaret M.; Vaughan Dickson, Victoria; Chyun, Deborah

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 26(5):E1-E10, September-October 2011.

Chinese Nurses' Perceptions of Heart Health Issues Facing Women in China: A Focus Group Study

Cao, Yingjuan; DiGiacomo, Michelle; Du, Hui Yun; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 24(6):E23-E29, November-December 2009.

Reshaping Our Perception of the Typical Hospitalized Heart Failure Patient: A Gender Analysis of Data From the ADHERE Heart Failure Registry

Galvao, Marie; On behalf of the ADHERE Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC), Investigators, Coordinators, and Study Group

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. 20(6):442-450, November-December 2005.

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