Heart Failure

Creator:   Jennifer Miller
Created:   6/17/2015
Contains:  33 items

Systematic Reviews and Review Articles

Creator:   Susan K. Frazier
Created:   10/22/2013
Contains:  76 items


Creator:   Susan Frazier
Created:   12/10/2009
Contains:  25 items
This collection includes articles that present important information about nutritional components, diet and nutritional status in cardiovascular disease

Women and Cardiovascular Disease

Creator:   Susan K. Frazier
Created:   1/26/2014
Contains:  74 items

Psychosocial factors in heart disease

Creator:   Susan Frazier
Created:   1/10/2010
Contains:  113 items
Paychosocial factors in heart disease


Creator:   Editors
Created:   8/22/2009
Contains:  28 items
Research and review articles with a focus on self-care

Acute Coronary Syndrome

Creator:   Susan Frazier
Created:   12/3/2009
Contains:  46 items