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Gastro 2013 and Training Center News

Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology: October 2013 - Volume 47 - Issue 9 - p i–ii
doi: 10.1097/MCG.0b013e3182a58e71
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The Masters of the WGO (MWGO) Award is the highest honor WGO can bestow on a member and is granted only to those individuals who have provided outstanding dedication to the mission of the WGO and achieved distinction in such areas as scholarly research, teaching, and service to WGO and the community at large. The Award was created to recognize these contributions and by this recognition provide incentive, encouragement, and guidance for others to significantly contribute to their fields. The Masters of the WGO Award is a capstone career award and is given in conjunction with each World Congress of Gastroenterology. The awards ceremony recently took place during the WGO General Assembly at the World Congress, Gastro 2013 APDW/WCOG Shanghai, in Shanghai, China, last month.

Recipients of the Masters of the WGO Award received an engraved plaque, which was presented at the time of the General Assembly at the 2013 World Congress in Shanghai and will receive recognition in WGO publications and on the website. All Masters of the WGO use the title of “Master of the WGO” and the letters “MWGO” in conjunction with their name.

Please join WGO is congratulating this year’s recipients on this prestigious award!

Past recipients of the MWGO Award include:

Professor Luiz de Paula Castro, MWGO

Professor Suliman Fedail, MWGO

Professor Joseph Geenen, MWGO

Professor Solly Marks, MWGO

Professor Melvin Schapiro, MWGO

Professor Isidor Segal, MWGO

Professor Zeyad Sharaiha, MWGO

Professor Rakesh Tandon, MWGO

Professor Guido Tytgat, MWGO

Professor Shu-Dong Xiao, MWGO

WGO is honored to announce this year’s recipients:

Professor Jean-Paul Galmiche

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Professor Richard Hunt

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Professor Bernard Levin

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Professor Juan Malgelada

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Professor Finlay McCrae

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Professor Ibrahim Mostafa

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Professor D Nageshwar Reddy

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Professor Joseph Sung

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Professor Guido Villa-Gomez

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We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new World Gastroenterology Organisation (WGO)-endorsed Training Center in Ankara, Turkey, in collaboration with the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) and Turkish Society of Gastroenterology (TSG). The Training Center, which will be called The WGO, AGA and TSG Training Center, will be under the direction of Professor Sedat Boyacioglu, Turkey, and will be located in the newly renovated building, which also hosts the TSG. An area within the building will provide work stations and an area for trainees, and learning materials—provided by the AGA—as well as internet. In the future, there are plans to expand the Center to have endoscopy simulation equipment.

Currently, 6 trainees from Nigeria, Sudan, Kenya, Ukraine, Albania, and Afghanistan have been chosen to attend the Center. They will first have a 3-month course of Turkish, followed by 12 months of training in one of the gastroenterology departments of 3 universities in Ankara. The travel and accommodation will be financed by biomedical industry, and each trainee will be given a scholarship of $500 per month.

The location of the new Training Center in Ankara, Turkey.

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