November/December 2011 - Volume 35 - Issue 6
pp: 667-764
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Liver Metastases From Colorectal Cancer Treated With Conventional and Antiangiogenetic Chemotherapy: Evaluation With Liver Computed Tomography Perfusion and Magnetic Resonance...

Anzidei, Michele; Napoli, Alessandro; Zaccagna, Fulvio; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography . 35(6):690-696, November/December 2011.

Clinical Significance of the Transitional Phase at Gadoxetate Disodium–Enhanced Hepatic MRI for the Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Preliminary Results

Nakamura, Yuko; Toyota, Naoyuki; Shuji Date, ; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography . 35(6):723-727, November/December 2011.

The Prognostic Value of Vascular Diameter Measurements on Routine Chest Computed Tomography in Patients Not Referred for Cardiovascular Indications

Gondrie, Martijn J.A.; van der Graaf, Yolanda; Jacobs, Peter C.; More

Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography . 35(6):734-741, November/December 2011.