May 2014 - Volume 15 - Issue 5
pp: 361-433


Association of butyrylcholinesterase with cardiometabolic risk factors among apparently healthy adults

Vallianou, Natalia G.; Evangelopoulos, Angelos A.; Bountziouka, Vassiliki; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 15(5):377-383, May 2014.

Epicardial fat

Genetic factors

Association of LOXIN, a new functional splicing isoform of the OLR1 gene, with severity and prognostic localization of critical coronary artery stenoses

Cappelletti, Alberto; Zanussi, Monica; Mazzavillani, Monica; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 15(5):391-396, May 2014.

Obstructive sleep apnea

Oxidized lipoproteins

Personality traits

Personality traits, cardiac risk factors, and their association with presence and severity of coronary artery plaque in people with no history of cardiovascular disease

Compare, Angelo; Mommersteeg, Paula M.C.; Faletra, Francesco; More

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. 15(5):423-430, May 2014.