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Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume: 15 September 2010 - Volume 92 - Issue 12 - p 2210

The Journal publishes corrections when they are of significance to patient care, scientific data or record-keeping, or authorship, whether that error was made by an author, editor, or staff. Errata also appear in the online version and are attached to files downloaded from

An error occurred in the article entitled “Contact Stress at the Posterior Aspect of the Tibial Post in Posterior-Stabilized Total Knee Replacement” (2010;92:1765-1773), by Hamai et al. On pages 1765 and 1772, the text originally read “… high contact stresses under some conditions could lead to deformation and damage of the anterior aspect of the post in these three common designs of cruciate-sparing total knee replacements.” On both pages, “cruciate-sparing” should have read “cruciate-sacrificing.” These corrections have been made in the online versions of the article.

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