Surgical Techniques for the Spine

Clark, Charles R. MD

Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume:
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1 University of Iowa Hospitals and ClinicsIowa City, Iowa

Article Outline

This textbook is a comprehensive work that describes numerous techniques of spine surgery. The intent of the editors is to present the techniques of specific surgical procedures as described by the leading authorities in the field. The editors state in the preface that the contributors were chosen on the basis of their expertise on a given topic and that those contributors have developed, modified, or reported on a clinical series regarding the procedure. Indeed, as one reviews the list of authors, they are the noted experts on their topics.

The text covers more than fifty techniques of the spine. Most of the procedures are very well illustrated, although I would have liked to have seen more color illustrations as well as intraoperative photographs. The techniques are very concisely described in terms of goals, diagnosis, indications, contraindications, advantages, disadvantages, postoperative course, pitfalls, and complications. I found the technical tips, when presented, as well as the pitfalls to be very useful. Although many of the procedures were described in great detail, a few could have benefited from additional details.

As a spine surgeon, I found Surgical Techniques for the Spine to be a very comprehensive text that will become an integral part of my library. Any surgeon who does any surgery of the spine should own this book, and it should also be in the library of all orthopaedic groups as well as residency programs. It will be a very useful reference for most procedures commonly performed on the spine.

Although Mark Twain described “a classic” as a book that people praise and don't read, I certainly concur with Ronald DeWald, who states in the foreword that he believes that this book will be read and will still be regarded as a classic.

This one is a must for the spine surgeon.

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