The Wrist.

Louis, Dean S. MD

Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery - American Volume:
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University of Michigan Hospitals, Ann Arbor, Michigan

H. Kirk Watson and Jeffrey Weinzweig, editors. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; 2001. 1008 pages. $299.00.

This text, which is coedited by Dr. Watson and one of his former hand fellows, Dr. Weinzweig, is the distillation of the senior editor’s more than thirty-five years of interest in the wrist. Ninety‐one authors from around the world have contributed seventy‐six chapters dealing with major concerns involving the wrist. The initial chapter deals with the developmental evolution of the human wrist. The final twenty-eight chapters deal with specific surgical techniques in the form of an atlas. The intervening sections cover anatomy, pathomechanics, and the spectrum of specific disease processes that involve the wrist, including Kienböck disease, carpal instability, and rheumatoid arthritis. As with most multiauthored texts, there is considerable repetition. The extent of the bibliographies varies from chapter to chapter, but the lists are generally complete.

The strength of this text is its thorough treatment of the subject matter, with appropriate literature citations. The editors take the liberty of including “editors’ comments” after many of the chapters without citing references to support their opinions. I believe that this is a weakness of the text. For example, after the chapter devoted to the Sauve-Kapandji procedure, the editors state, “We feel there is no indication for this operation.” The unsupported, strident opinions that the editors espouse make this text a challenge for critical reading. The text and the opinions of the editors must be considered carefully, as there is a divergence in substantiation between the two.

Overall, this is an informative text and is one of a continuing series of building blocks in the foundation of our understanding of the wrist. It is not in any sense a basic text but rather is a reference source for those who have had a great deal of experience with wrist problems.

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