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HAART Is Neuroprophylactic in HIV-1 Infection.

Giesen, H. J. v.; Hefter, H.; Jablonowski, H.; Arendt, G.
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes: April 15, 2000
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Background: To find out about the prophylactic value of antiretroviral therapy on HIV-1-associated subclinical and clinical psychomotor slowing as one marker of HIV-1-associated CNS disease.

Methods: Prospective study with regular clinical and neurophysiologic examination every three months of 1482 consecutive HIV-1-seropositive and AIDS patients seen at our department till June 30, 1999.

Results: Antiretroviral therapy has a significant prophylactic value over an individual observation period of ten years with regard to the first, potentially transient manifestation of HIV-1-associated subclinical psychomotor slowing and with regard to the clinical manifestation of motor signs. However, a subgroup of patients is characterized through a second, more sustained manifestation of subclinical psychomotor slowing which cannot be prevented by any type of currently available antiretroviral therapy.

Conclusions: These findings suggest the existence of different pathomechanisms underlying HIV-1-associated brain disease which may in part be effectively prevented, but which in part also escape all antiretroviral treatment strategies in use today.

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