Data Sparsity

Creator:   Karen Harmon
Created:   6/17/2016
Contains:  7 items
Published in June 2016

50th Anniversary Issue

Creator:   Karen Harmon
Created:   10/29/2015
Contains:  12 items

Clinical Advances with 7 Tesla

Creator:   Karen Harmon
Created:   5/2/2014
Contains:  14 items
The focus of this issue is on substantial advances in the field of clinical studies at 7 Tesla in all organ systems and disease categories and major technological breakthroughs. Clinical advances may include both characterization of fundamental disease mechanisms as well as systematic patient studies.

Hybrid MR Imaging

Creator:   Karen Harmon
Created:   6/17/2013
Contains:  13 items
This issue focuses on recent translational clinical developments in the field of hybrid MR-imaging, particularly MR-PET and other hybrid MR-imaging applications. The issue includes both basic and clinical research investigations. Its scope is on pertinent technical developments and embraces initial clinical results of MR-PET.

Quantitative Imaging

Creator:   Karen Harmon
Created:   11/2/2015
Contains:  16 items