Are Microbial Symptoms "Self-inflicted"?: The Consequences of Immunopathology

Rosenthal, Ken S. PhD

Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice:
Immunology/Microbiology for ID

Abstract: Microbial infection creates a battlefield within the host between the microbe and innate and immune host defenses. The consequences of these defenses are often the signs and symptoms, sometimes life-threatening, which are characteristic of the microbial disease. This review discusses the mechanisms and examples of pathology induced by innate and immune host defenses to microbial infection.

Author Information

Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Biochemistry, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine, Rootstown, OH.

K.S.R. has research support from the NIAID.

This is the first of a continuing series of articles in the new Immunology and Microbiology: Clinical Correlations section. The purpose of this section is to highlight basic science explanations for microbial disease, disease signs and symptoms, and interventions. As is the case for this first article, many aspects of microbial disease, both the pathogenesis and the cure, are determined by the immune response. As a result, this section will also discuss different aspects of immunology. We welcome your input regarding potential topics for discussion, and they can be relayed to my e-mail address.

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