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Tice, Alan D.; Poretz, Donald M.
Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice: January 1998

: Editor's note: This article provides another example of what can and should be done by infectious diseases specialists who are willing to look beyond the confines of the hospital and deal with infection control needs in the community. Authors Wade and Bush have responded to the increasing public concern and need for expertise in blood exposure management by establishing a referral system to handle potential exposures to human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C in their community. The interest is clearly there and apparently growing, as well. Infectious diseases specialists seem particularly suited to managing this type of exposure.

Their program fills a community need with reimbursement outside the usual health insurance constraints. This type of program will likely continue to grow and develop. The need is there not only for needlesticks but other infective diseases, as well. If there is a good relationship worked out with the fire department and police department, as well as emergency medical services, a complementary relationship and frequent valuable consultations can be performed.

Alan D. Tice

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