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Extraintestinal Manifestations of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Vavricka, Stephan R.; Schoepfer, Alain; Scharl, Michael; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(8):1982-1992, August 2015.

Cutaneous Manifestations in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Pathophysiology, Clinical Features, and Therapy

Marzano, Angelo V.; Borghi, Alessandro; Stadnicki, Antoni; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(1):213-227, January 2014.

The Influence of Methotrexate Treatment on Male Fertility and Pregnancy Outcome After Paternal Exposure

Grosen, Anne; Kelsen, Jens; Hvas, Christian Lodberg; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(4):561-569, April 2017.

Fecal Microbial Transplant Effect on Clinical Outcomes and Fecal Microbiome in Active Crohn's Disease

Suskind, David L.; Brittnacher, Mitchell J.; Wahbeh, Ghassan; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(3):556-563, March 2015.

The Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America Survey of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patient Health Care Access

Rubin, David T.; Feld, Lauren D.; Goeppinger, Sarah R.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(2):224-232, February 2017.

Effect of Probiotics on Inducing Remission and Maintaining Therapy in Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Pouchitis: Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Shen, Jun; Zuo, Zhi-Xiang; Mao, Ai-Ping

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(1):21-35, January 2014.

Predictors of Hospital Readmissions for Ulcerative Colitis in the United States: A National Database Study

Poojary, Priti; Saha, Aparna; Chauhan, Kinsuk; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(3):347-356, March 2017.

Comparative Effectiveness of Mesalamine, Sulfasalazine, Corticosteroids, and Budesonide for the Induction of Remission in Crohn's Disease: A Bayesian Network Meta-analysis

Coward, Stephanie; Kuenzig, M. Ellen; Hazlewood, Glen; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(3):461-472, March 2017.

Variation in Care of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Patients in Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America Partners: Role of Gastroenterologist Practice Setting in Disease Outcomes...

Weaver, Kimberly N.; Kappelman, Michael D.; Sandler, Robert S.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(11):2672-2677, November 2016.

Interpreting Registrational Clinical Trials of Biological Therapies in Adults with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Ghosh, Subrata; Sandborn, William J.; Colombel, Jean-Frederic; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(11):2711-2723, November 2016.

IBD LIVE Case Series—Case 6: Persistent Skin Lesions in a Patient with Crohn's Disease: You Hear Hoof Beats and Discover a Zebra

Rajan, Dhyan; Greer, Julia B.; Regueiro, Miguel D.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(11):2754-2764, November 2016.

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Development of the IBD Disk: A Visual Self-administered Tool for Assessing Disability in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Ghosh, Subrata; Louis, Edouard; Beaugerie, Laurent; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(3):333-340, March 2017.

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Regarding the Role of Nutrition in IBD Among Patients and Providers

Tinsley, Andrew; Ehrlich, Orna G.; Hwang, Caroline; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(10):2474-2481, October 2016.

The Importance and Challenges of Dietary Intervention Trials for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Lewis, James D.; Albenberg, Lindsey; Lee, Dale; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(2):181-191, February 2017.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Prevalence, Risk Factors, Evaluation, and Management

Battat, Robert; Kopylov, Uri; Szilagyi, Andrew; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(6):1120-1128, June 2014.

Efficacy and Safety of Escalation of Adalimumab Therapy to Weekly Dosing in Pediatric Patients with Crohn's Disease

Dubinsky, Marla C.; Rosh, Joel; Faubion, William A. Jr; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(4):886-893, April 2016.

Long-term Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab in Pediatric Patients with Crohn's Disease

Faubion, William A.; Dubinsky, Marla; Ruemmele, Frank M.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(3):453-460, March 2017.

Antibiotic Treatment Induces Long-lasting Changes in the Fecal Microbiota that Protect Against Colitis

Ward, Naomi L.; Phillips, Caleb D.; Nguyen, Deanna D.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(10):2328-2340, October 2016.

Patient Factors That Increase Infliximab Clearance and Shorten Half-life in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Population Pharmacokinetic Study

Dotan, Iris; Ron, Yulia; Yanai, Henit; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(12):2247-2259, December 2014.

Initial Disease Course and Treatment in an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Inception Cohort in Europe: The ECCO-EpiCom Cohort

Burisch, Johan; Pedersen, Natalia; Cukovic-Cavka, Silvja; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(1):36-46, January 2014.

The Next Wave of Biological Agents for the Treatment of IBD: Evidence from Cochrane Reviews

Khanna, Reena; Chande, Nilesh; Vermeire, Séverine; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(7):1737-1743, July 2016.

Histologic Evaluation of Ulcerative Colitis: A Systematic Review of Disease Activity Indices

Mosli, Mahmoud H.; Feagan, Brian G.; Sandborn, William J.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(3):564-575, March 2014.

Meta-analysis: Fecal Calprotectin for Assessment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Activity

Lin, Jin-Feng; Chen, Jin-Min; Zuo, Jun-Hua; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(8):1407-1415, August 2014.

Experts Opinion on the Practical Use of Azathioprine and 6-Mercaptopurine in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mottet, Christian; Schoepfer, Alain M.; Juillerat, Pascal; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(11):2733-2747, November 2016.

Fibrosis in Ulcerative Colitis: Mechanisms, Features, and Consequences of a Neglected Problem

Gordon, Ilyssa O.; Agrawal, Neha; Goldblum, John R.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(11):2198-2206, November 2014.

Fecal Calprotectin More Accurately Reflects Endoscopic Activity of Ulcerative Colitis than the Lichtiger Index, C-reactive Protein, Platelets, Hemoglobin, and Blood Leukocytes

Schoepfer, Alain M.; Beglinger, Christoph; Straumann, Alex; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 19(2):332-341, February 2013.

A Controlled Study of a Group Mindfulness Intervention for Individuals Living With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Neilson, Kate; Ftanou, Maria; Monshat, Kaveh; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(3):694-701, March 2016.

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Ferric Maltol Is Effective in Correcting Iron Deficiency Anemia in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Results from a Phase-3 Clinical Trial Program

Gasche, Christoph; Ahmad, Tariq; Tulassay, Zsolt; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(3):579-588, March 2015.

Enteric Glial Cells: A New Frontier in Neurogastroenterology and Clinical Target for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Ochoa-Cortes, Fernando; Turco, Fabio; Linan-Rico, Andromeda; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(2):433-449, February 2016.

Carbohydrate Intake in the Etiology of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Chan, Simon S. M.; Luben, Robert; van Schaik, Fiona; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(11):2013-2021, November 2014.

Impact of Specialized Inpatient IBD Care on Outcomes of IBD Hospitalizations: A Cohort Study

Law, Cindy C. Y.; Sasidharan, Saranya; Rodrigues, Rodrigo; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(9):2149-2157, September 2016.

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Silent Crohn's Disease: Asymptomatic Patients with Elevated C-reactive Protein Are at Risk for Subsequent Hospitalization

Click, Benjamin; Vargas, Eric J.; Anderson, Alyce M.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(10):2254-2261, October 2015.

Development and Feasibility Study of a Telemedicine Tool for All Patients with IBD: MyIBDcoach

de Jong, Marin; van der Meulen-de Jong, Andrea; Romberg-Camps, Mariëlle; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(4):485-493, April 2017.

Assessment of Gaps in Care and the Development of a Care Pathway for Anemia in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Hou, Jason K.; Gasche, Christoph; Drazin, Noam Z.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(1):35-43, January 2017.

Health-related Quality of Life in Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a European-wide Population-based Cohort 10 Years After Diagnosis

Huppertz-Hauss, Gert; Høivik, Marte Lie; Langholz, Ebbe; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(2):337-344, February 2015.

Feasibility of Endoscopic Assessment and Treating to Target to Achieve Mucosal Healing in Ulcerative Colitis

Bouguen, Guillaume; Levesque, Barrett G.; Pola, Suresh; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(2):231-239, February 2014.

Investigator-Initiated IBD Trials in the United States: Facts, Obstacles, and Answers

Herfarth, Hans H.; Jackson, Susan; Schliebe, Barbara G.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(1):14-22, January 2017.

Medical Imaging in Small Bowel Crohn's Disease—Computer Tomography Enterography, Magnetic Resonance Enterography, and Ultrasound: “Which One Is the Best for What?”

Greenup, Astrid-Jane; Bressler, Brian; Rosenfeld, Greg

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(5):1246-1261, May 2016.

Antibodies to Infliximab and Risk of Infusion Reactions in Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

O’Meara, Sorcha; Nanda, Kavinderjit S.; Moss, Alan C.

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(1):1-6, January 2014.

Effect of Narrow Spectrum Versus Selective Kinase Inhibitors on the Intestinal Proinflammatory Immune Response in Ulcerative Colitis

Biancheri, Paolo; Foster, Martyn R.; Fyfe, Matthew C. T.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(6):1306-1315, June 2016.

Gut Microbial Diversity Is Reduced in Smokers with Crohn's Disease

Opstelten, Jorrit L.; Plassais, Jonathan; van Mil, Saskia W. C.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(9):2070-2077, September 2016.

Characterization of Expression Quantitative Trait Loci in the Human Colon

Singh, Tarjinder; Levine, Adam P.; Smith, Philip J.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(2):251-256, February 2015.

Potential Immunomodulatory Effects of Statins in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Côté-Daigneault, Justin; Mehandru, Saurabh; Ungaro, Ryan; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 22(3):724-732, March 2016.

Vedolizumab Induction Therapy for Patients With Crohn’s Disease and Prior Anti‐TNF Antagonist Failure: A Randomized, Placebo‐controlled, Double‐blind, Multicenter Trial: P‐26

Sands, Bruce; Feagan, Brian; Rutgeerts, Paul; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 18():S24-S25, December 2012.

Metagenomic Analysis of Microbiome in Colon Tissue from Subjects with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Reveals Interplay of Viruses and Bacteria

Wang, Weiwei; Jovel, Juan; Halloran, Brendan; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 21(6):1419-1427, June 2015.

Prevalence of a Gluten-free Diet and Improvement of Clinical Symptoms in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Herfarth, Hans H.; Martin, Christopher F.; Sandler, Robert S.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(7):1194-1197, July 2014.

Alterations in the Intestinal Microbiome (Dysbiosis) as a Predictor of Relapse After Infliximab Withdrawal in Crohn's Disease

Rajca, Sylvie; Grondin, Virginie; Louis, Edouard; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(6):978-986, June 2014.

Decline in Presumptively Protective Gut Bacterial Species and Metabolites Are Paradoxically Associated with Disease Improvement in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease During Enteral...

Gerasimidis, Konstantinos; Bertz, Martin; Hanske, Laura; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 20(5):861-871, May 2014.

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