August 2017 - Volume 23 - Issue 8
pp: 1247-1460,E41-E41

Coping with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Engaging with Information to Inform Health-Related Decision Making in Daily Life

Restall, Gayle J.; Simms, Alexandria M.; Walker, John R.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1247-1256, August 2017.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pharmacist Adherence Counseling Improves Medication Adherence in Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

Tiao, Darren K.; Chan, Webber; Jeganathan, Jayson; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1257-1261, August 2017.

Clinical Predictors of the Risk of Early Colectomy in Ulcerative Colitis: A Population-based Study

Al-Darmaki, Ahmed; Hubbard, James; Seow, Cynthia H.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1272-1277, August 2017.

Looking into Enteric Virome in Patients with IBD: Defining Guilty or Innocence?

Lopes, Susana; Andrade, Patricia; Conde, Silvia; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1278-1284, August 2017.

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: Adalimumab Monotherapy Versus Combination Therapy with Immunomodulators for Induction and Maintenance of Remission and Response in Patients...

Chalhoub, Jean M.; Rimmani, Hussein H.; Gumaste, Vivek V.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1316-1327, August 2017.

miR-4728-3p Functions as a Tumor Suppressor in Ulcerative Colitis-associated Colorectal Neoplasia Through Regulation of Focal Adhesion Signaling

Pekow, Joel; Hutchison, Alan L.; Meckel, Katherine; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1328-1337, August 2017.

Cideb Deficiency Aggravates Dextran Sulfate Sodium-induced Ulcerative Colitis in Mice by Exacerbating the Oxidative Burden in Colonic Mucosa

Sun, Chao; Zhao, Yuanlin; Gao, Xing; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1338-1347, August 2017.

Characterization and Expansion of Autologous GMP-ready Regulatory T Cells for TREG-based Cell Therapy in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Voskens, Caroline J.; Fischer, Anika; Roessner, Susanne; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1348-1359, August 2017.

Hydrodynamic IL10 Gene Transfer in Human Colon: Results from an “EX VIVO” Study with Potential Clinical Application in Crohn's Disease

Frasson, Matteo; Sendra, Luis; Miguel, Antonio; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1360-1370, August 2017.

Infliximab Trough Levels at Induction to Predict Treatment Failure During Maintenance

Liefferinckx, Claire; Minsart, Charlotte; Toubeau, Jean-François; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1371-1381, August 2017.

Colonic Phenotypes Are Associated with Poorer Response to Anti-TNF Therapies in Patients with IBD

Yoon, Soon Man; Haritunians, Talin; Chhina, Sultan; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1382-1393, August 2017.

Clinical Outcomes of Golimumab as First, Second or Third Anti-TNF Agent in Patients with Moderate-to-Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Taxonera, Carlos; Rodríguez, Cristina; Bertoletti, Federico; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1394-1402, August 2017.

Transmural Healing Is Associated with Improved Long-term Outcomes of Patients with Crohn's Disease

Fernandes, Samuel R.; Rodrigues, Rita V.; Bernardo, Sónia; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1403-1409, August 2017.

Structural Basis of Bone Fragility in Young Subjects with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A High-resolution pQCT Study of the SWISS IBD Cohort (SIBDC)

Pepe, Jessica; Zawadynski, Sophie; Herrmann, Francois R.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1410-1417, August 2017.

Point Prevalence of Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease in New Zealand in 2015: Initial Results from the PINZ Study

Lopez, Robert N.; Evans, Helen M.; Appleton, Laura; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1418-1424, August 2017.

Comparative Acceptability and Perceived Clinical Utility of Monitoring Tools: A Nationwide Survey of Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Buisson, Anthony; Gonzalez, Florent; Poullenot, Florian; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1425-1433, August 2017.

Incidence of and Predictors for Early Discontinuation of Biological Therapies in Veteran Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Feagins, Linda A.; Waljee, Akbar; Hou, Jason K.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1434-1439, August 2017.

The Association Between Maternal Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Long-term Health Outcomes in Children—A Nationwide Cohort Study

Jølving, Line R.; Nielsen, Jan; Beck-Nielsen, Signe S.; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1440-1446, August 2017.

Serum Adalimumab Levels Predict Successful Remission and Safe Deintensification in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients in Clinical Practice

Aguas Peris, Mariam; Bosó, Virginia; Navarro, Belén; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases . 23(8):1454-1460, August 2017.

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