October 2017 - Volume 23 - Issue 10 - Contributor Index

The Current Landscape and Lessons from Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Past, Present, and Future

Allegretti, Jessica; Eysenbach, Lindsay M.; El-Nachef, Najwa; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 23(10):1710-1717, October 2017.

Guanylate Cyclase C Activation Shapes the Intestinal Microbiota in Patients with Familial Diarrhea and Increased Susceptibility for Crohn's Disease

Tronstad, Rune R.; Kummen, Martin; Holm, Kristian; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 23(10):1752-1761, October 2017.

Genetic and Transcriptomic Bases of Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Vancamelbeke, Maaike; Vanuytsel, Tim; Farré, Ricard; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 23(10):1718-1729, October 2017.

Risk Factors and Outcomes of Thalidomide-induced Peripheral Neuropathy in a Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort

Bramuzzo, Matteo; Stocco, Gabriele; Montico, Marcella; More

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 23(10):1810-1816, October 2017.