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Strength in numbers

Section Editor(s): Bettmann, Michael A. M.D., F.A.H.A.; Editorial Board Chair, Heart Insight

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Our cover story this month tells the story of three incredible individuals who, despite some serious health problems, banded together to help educate people about heart disease. The “Triad Triage Trio,” made up of a stroke survivor, a heart attack survivor and a heart transplant recipient, share their inspiring stories of survival and provide tips for living a healthy, productive life after a life-changing cardiac event. You won't want to miss their story, starting on page 4.

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We also have a compelling story for caregivers, “Fighting Chronic Pain,” on page 8. This article covers how caregivers can help their loved ones deal with a very real complication that can occur in individuals with cardiac (and other) problems: chronic pain. And for those of you looking for an appropriate, easy-to-perform physical activity that has many heart benefits, check out “The Benefits of Tai Chi: Healthy Body, Strong Heart” on page 12. You'll learn all about this fantastic exercise that combines physical activity, stress reduction, emotional regulation, improved breathing efficiency and social support. Although no activity is perfect for everyone, this moderate-intensity activity may be just what you've been looking for!

“Life's Simple 7,” on page 16, provides information on modest lifestyle and behavioral changes that can help you to not only live a longer but also a healthier life: quantity AND quality is the aim! In this issue, you'll learn how to navigate your local farmers market; discover the best time of day to exercise; find out if you're at risk for high cholesterol; understand what you should (and shouldn't) eat if you have diabetes; and learn if e-cigarettes can help you quit smoking. And be sure to try our late-summer bounty of heart-healthy recipes, starting on page 20, using fresh summer ingredients!

Don't forget to visit us at and read our online-only bonus article, “How Tai Chi Impacts Cardiovascular Risk Factors.” Also download and follow us with the free HEART INSIGHT app, available for Apple devices.

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