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A Herculean Effort

Grady, Kathleen L. Ph.D., A.P.N., F.A.H.A., F.A.A.N.

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Editorial Board Chair, HEART INSIGHT

Take a look at our cover photo—I'm sure most of you recognize Kevin Sorbo as the muscled strongman Hercules from the television show of the same name. Playing the classical Greek hero, Kevin slew mythical monsters with ease and flexed his might to save damsels in distress. Yet behind his half-god, half-man persona laid a truth that's stranger than any Greek myth: While filming Hercules, this fit, healthy actor suffered three strokes at age 38.

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Kevin kept thinking his physical symptoms were the result of working too hard and didn't take them seriously until it was almost too late. Be sure to read his inspiring story on page 4 of how he took on the herculean task of regaining his health and finding a new, positive way of looking at life.

For caregivers, we take a look at what to do when the caregiver needs care—who takes care of your loved one when you can't? There is help available if you know where to look, and “In Case of Emergency” (page 8) provides advice on making sure you're ready if the unthinkable occurs.

And be sure to check out “Could Chronic Sleeplessness Be a Heart-Health Nightmare?” (page 16) to see if you're getting the rest you need to stay healthy.

“Life's Simple 7” (page 12) provides information on modest lifestyle and behavioral changes that can lead you to a lifetime of good health. In this issue, you'll find tips on how exercise can help diabetes; a review of the health risks that overweight kids face and how to avoid them; the difference between servings and portions; how you can train your taste buds to help you stop smoking; and information for women going through menopause and how it can affect cholesterol levels.

Be sure to visit, where we you can read two new online-only articles, “Recognizing Stroke Symptoms: Don't Wait!” and “Can You Buy a Good Night's Sleep?” We'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions—e-mail us at or write to HEART INSIGHT, 323 Norristown Road, Suite 200, Ambler, PA 19002. You can also follow us on Twitter:



Editorial Board Chair, HEART INSIGHT

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