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Are Rural Hospitals "Strategic"?

Trinh, Hanh Q.

Health Care Management Review:

This article focuses on strategic management of rural hospitals from an evolutionary perspective, using logistic regression models to examine the environmental/organizational pressures that induced rural hospitals to be more active in strategic changes (high changers versus low changers) in two 5-year consecutive intervals between 1983 and 1993. Findings suggest that these pressures had inconsistent effects and high changers were more sensitive to organizational pressures than environmental pressures.

Author Information

Hanh Q. Trinh, Ph.D., is Assistant Professor, Health Information Administration, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The paper on which this article is based was presented at the 1998 Academy of Management-Health Care Management Division Meetings in San Diego, California.

The author acknowledges the helpful comments of James W. Begun and three anonymous reviewers on an earlier draft of this article.

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