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Friday, December 13, 2013
What Are the Levels of Evidence Published in Obstetrics & Gynecology Articles?
Randi Y. Zung, Editorial Assistant
Randi Y. Zung, Editorial Assistant
All Original Research manuscripts, with the exception of cost-effectiveness studies, are published with a level of evidence. The levels of evidence are defined as follows:
  • Level I: a randomized, controlled trial
  • Level II: a cohort or case-controlled study that includes a comparison group
  • Level III: an uncontrolled descriptive study including case series
The level of evidence is preliminarily assigned by the Editorial Board member reviewer during the peer review process. After a manuscript has completed the peer review process, the handling editor reviews the Editorial Board member’s initial decision and makes a final determination.
Authors that are asked to submit a revised manuscript are notified of the level of evidence determination in their revision letter. Authors that are submitting a revised manuscript should state if they agree or disagree with the level of evidence in their point-by-point response cover letter. Authors of manuscripts that are rejected without revision will not receive a level of evidence notification.
Additionally, the journal requires that all Level I and Level II studies follow the appropriate CONSORT and STROBE reporting guidelines, respectively. Authors should submit checklists and guidelines with their manuscript submissions.
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