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Friday, June 28, 2013
A Fond Farewell
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
Rebecca S. Benner, Director and Managing Editor
With great gratitude, we bid a fond farewell to our outgoing editors: Dr. James R. Scott, Editor-in-Chief; Dr. John T. Queenan, Deputy Editor; and Dr. Catherine Y. Spong, Associate Editor. 
We also bid adieu to Sheryl Martin, Executive Administrator, Editor’s Office, and Michele Prince, Editorial Assistant.
Dr. Scott’s vision of a clinically useful journal with a strong online presence helped Obstetrics & Gynecology become the modern publication it is today; Dr. Queenan’s talent for making connections with people helped launch and continue the Clinical Expert Series; Dr. Spong’s in-depth knowledge of the field helped make each published article stronger; Sheryl’s hard work and eye for detail helped Dr. Scott direct the journal since 2001; and Michele’s vibrant spirit and can-do attitude made her an invaluable asset to the team.
On a personal note, I have worked with Dr. Scott, Dr. Queenan, Dr. Spong, Sheryl Martin, and Michele Prince since the beginning of their tenures, and I count them as very special mentors, colleagues, and friends.
To them we say thank you—for caring about women’s health and for caring about excellence in scientific research and publishing.
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The Obstetrics & Gynecology Editorial Staff is responsible for facilitating the peer-review process, supporting the editors, and responding to queries from authors, reviewers, and readers. The current staff comprises Rebecca S. Benner (director and managing editor), Denise Shields (manuscript editor), Stephanie Casway (production editor), Randi Y. Zung (editorial assistant), and Elizabeth Hickey(editorial assistant). To contact the editorial office, call 202-314-2317 or e-mail obgyn@greenjournal.org.

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