Patients with a favorable prognosis*: percentage of transfers resulting in good perinatal outcome† among patients who used fresh embryos from autologous oocytes for A. blastocyst stage (day 5) and B. cleavage stage (day 3) embryos by patient's age and number of embryos transferred, United States, 2011. *Patients with a favorable prognosis include those who underwent a first assisted reproductive technology cycle and had extra embryo(s) cryopreserved; transfers among patients older than 40 years and transfers that involved higher number of embryos are not shown as a result of the small numbers. †Good perinatal outcome is defined as live birth of a term (at least 37 weeks of gestation), normal birth weight (at least 2,500 g) singleton. ‡P<.05; comparison with the proportion associated with transfer of additional embryo; if not marked, P≥.05.Fig. 1. Kissin. Number of Embryos Transferred and Perinatal Outcome. Obstet Gynecol 2014.