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Primary Breast Lymphoma, Contralateral Breast Cancer, and Bilateral Brenner Tumors of the Ovary

Frei, K. A. MD; Bonel, H. M. MD; Forrer, P. MD; Alleman, J. MD; Steiner, R. A. MD, PhD

Obstetrics & Gynecology:
Case Reports

BACKGROUND: Primary lymphoma of the breast is an unusual clinical entity. Its presence with invasive breast cancer and bilateral Brenner tumors of the ovary is very rare.

CASE: We report a 62-year-old woman referred for further evaluation of a palpable mass in her breast. She was diagnosed and treated for simultaneous primary lymphoma of the right breast, contralateral invasive ductal carcinoma, and bilateral Brenner tumors of the ovary. One year after treatment, she is free of recurrence or progression.

CONCLUSION: Compared with breast carcinoma, primary breast lymphoma is a rare disease but should be considered in the differential diagnosis of breast masses. The presence of both breast malignancies presents a challenge in treatment decisions.

In Brief

We report the presence of primary breast lymphoma of the right breast, contralateral breast cancer, and bilateral Brenner tumors of the ovary.

Author Information

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kantonales Frauenspital Fontana, Chur, Switzerland; Department of Radiology, Klinikum Grosshadern, Munich, Germany; and Department of Pathology, Kantonsspital, Chur, Switzerland

Address reprint requests to: Kathrin A. Frei, MD, Kantonales Frauenspital Fontana, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Luerlibadstrasse 118, 7000 Chur, Switzerland; E-mail:

Received December 28, 2001. Received in revised form February 27, 2002. Accepted March 21, 2002.

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