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Reproducibility of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Macular and Optic Nerve Head Vascular Density in Glaucoma and Healthy Eyes

Manalastas, Patricia I.C.; Zangwill, Linda M.; Saunders, Luke J.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 26(10):851-859, October 2017.

Three-Year Follow-up of a Novel Aqueous Humor MicroShunt

Batlle, Juan F.; Fantes, Francisco; Riss, Isabelle; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 25(2):e58-e65, February 2016.

Reproducibility of Circumpapillary Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness Measurements Evaluated by Circle and Annulus Area With and Without Correction for Ocular Rotation

Hirasawa, Hiroyo; Araie, Makoto; Tomidokoro, Atsuo; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 25(1):e12-e18, January 2016.

Genetic Variant Near PLXDC2 Influences the Risk of Primary Open-angle Glaucoma by Increasing Intraocular Pressure in the Japanese Population

Mabuchi, Fumihiko; Mabuchi, Nakako; Takamoto, Mitsuko; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 26(11):963-966, November 2017.

Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Vessel Density Measurements in Eyes With Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and Disc Hemorrhage

Rao, Harsha L.; Pradhan, Zia S.; Weinreb, Robert N.; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 26(10):888-895, October 2017.

Association of the Optic Disc Structure With the Use of Antihypertensive Medications: The Thessaloniki Eye Study

Harris, Alon; Topouzis, Fotis; Wilson, M. Roy; More

Journal of Glaucoma. 22(7):526-531, September 2013.

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