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A Validity and Reliability Study Investigating the Turkish Version of the Infant Colic Scale

Çetinkaya, Bengü MsC, RN; Başbakkal, Zümrüt PhD, RN

Gastroenterology Nursing:
doi: 10.1097/01.SGA.0000267925.31803.30

The Infant Colic Scale is used to diagnose colic and to determine factors that cause colic. This study aimed to establish the validity and reliability of the Infant Colic Scale for the Turkish population. The research sample included mothers (N = 110) of 132 infants with colic registered at three public health clinics in the Denizli province.

Language validity, content validity, and construct validity were examined. On the basis of the Infant Colic Scale's internal consistency reliability analysis, three items were removed. Factor analysis resulted in five subscales. The Cronbach's alpha coefficients were .55 to .89 for the subscales, and .73 for the total scale. The scale's test–retest reliability was .65. The Infant Colic Scale was found to be a valid and reliable measurement tool for the Turkish population.

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