March 2012 - Volume 21 - Issue 2
pp: 111-215
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Lung cancer

Colorectal cancer

Breast cancer

A combination of resveratrol and melatonin exerts chemopreventive effects in N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced rat mammary carcinogenesis

Kisková, Terézia; Ekmekcioglu, Cem; Garajová, Miroslava; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 21(2):163-170, March 2012.

Colorectal cancer

Prostate cancer

Breast cancer


Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer

Impact of preoperative radiotherapy on survival in locally advanced rectal cancer: an observational population-based study from the South of Switzerland

Spitale, Alessandra; Franzetti-Pellanda, Alessandra; Mazzola, Paola; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 21(2):139-146, March 2012.

Head and Neck cancer

Folate, alcohol, and aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 polymorphism and the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer in Japanese

Matsuo, Keitaro; Rossi, Marta; Negri, Eva; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 21(2):193-198, March 2012.

Gynecological cancer

Impact of lifestyle factors on preneoplastic changes in prophylactic oophorectomies of BRCA mutation carriers

Primas, Helga; Kroiss, Regina; Kalteis, Karin; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 21(2):199-204, March 2012.