July 2011 - Volume 20 - Issue 4
pp: 253-354
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Breast cancer

Gastroenterological cancers

The positive predictive value of guaiac faecal occult blood test in relation to the number of positive squares in two consecutive rounds of colorectal cancer screening

Manfredi, Sylvain; Philip, Julie; Campillo, Boris; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 20(4):277-282, July 2011.

Coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, and pancreatic cancer risk: a pooled-analysis of two Italian case–control studies

Turati, Federica; Galeone, Carlotta; Talamini, Renato; More

European Journal of Cancer Prevention . 20(4):287-292, July 2011.

Head and Neck cancer

Urological cancer

Gastroenterological cancer

Molecular biology


Gastroenterological cancer

Urological cancer