January 2001 - Volume 12 - Issue 1
pp: 1-138
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Residential Pesticide Exposure and Neuroblastoma

Daniels, Julie L.; Olshan, Andrew F.; Teschke, Kay; More

Epidemiology . 12(1):20-27, January 2001.

The Effects of Ambient Air Pollution on School Absenteeism Due to Respiratory Illnesses

Gilliland, Frank D.; Berhane, Kiros; Rappaport, Edward B.; More

Epidemiology . 12(1):43-54, January 2001.

A Multicenter Case-Control Study in Italy on Hematolymphopoietic Neoplasms and Occupation

Seniori Costantini, Adele; Miligi, Lucia; Kriebel, David; More

Epidemiology . 12(1):78-87, January 2001.